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Powerful Software Knocks Viruses Out
Threats of computer virus infections are a major security consideration for any computer user. If your organization is like most, sharing files on floppy disks, sending and receiving email with attachments, accessing information from the Internet, and utilizing databases, are all part of your daily business operation. But, these common activities are also means through which viruses may easily spread from one computer to the next, with the capability of infecting an entire enterprise. Eitech offers the next generation Antivirus solutions, providing realtime, enterprise-wide protection against today’s most prevalent security threat-viruses. Eitech’s Antivirus solutions offer unparalleled functionality to safeguard any environment from virus attacks - from global eBusiness assets to personal desktops!

Eitech’s Antivirus Solution Features/Benefits:

• 100% Detection of viruses “in the wild,” as tested by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA)
• Real-Time Scanning. Real-time scanning capabilities can be configured to user specifications
• Remote Management. View, configure, and manage NT and NetWare servers from a single administrative console and centrally manage virus protection activities for an entire heterogeneous environment
• Software Distribution. Automatically install on remote, networked computers
• Auto Signature Download. Automatically download signature files and updates
• Virus Quarantine. Isolates infected nodes before they can spread viruses throughout the network
• Messaging and Groupware Protection. Ensures that Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes systems are virus-free
• Multi-Platform. Manages anti-virus efforts on both NT and NetWare networks from one location

eBusiness - Increasingly At Risk For Infections
As today’s eBusinesses extend beyond the traditional enterprise, customers, partners, suppliers, and buyers must be assured a safe and trusted environment in which to process transactions. The increased threat of dangerous viruses, worms, and malicious code put an eBusiness at a higher risk than ever before. Sending and receiving email, sharing files, utilizing online resources, and conducting realtime transactions, are common activities that can rapidly infect an unprotected environment. Computer viruses are responsible for billions of lost dollars and countless hours of lost productivity.

According to the International Computer Security Association (ICSA), computer virus incidents have increased over 50 percent in the last five years. To make matters worse, new threats and their variants are appearing everyday.

An effective eBusiness network security policy must include an Antivirus solution that is easy to manage, offers advanced functionality, and helps protect all mission-critical systems.

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