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Computer technology is ever-changing. To your growing business, advancing technologies represent new opportunities to generate revenue, cut costs, increase productivity, and enhance internal communications. Ironically, however, the very same information system that empowers your enterprise also poses your greatest vulnerability, potentially exposing your company to serious network security threats. Encryption methods, firewalls, anti-virus software, and other individual security measures give organizations a false sense of protection. As surveys and news reports repeatedly prove, bad things continue to happen to seemingly secure networks.

Eitech’s experts in information security, with the use of Internet Security applications can help you take control of your security risks and provide you with an integrated solution for addressing your enterprise-wide security needs. Eitech was founded on the principle that security risk is best managed using a proactive approach identify the risk, weigh the cost, and take action to mitigate the risk before damage can occur. As your security advisors, Eitech’s first concern is to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your proprietary data and systems. Powered by a team of technically proficient security experts and the industry's leading software technology, Eitech provides in-depth security solutions designed to protect your information assets and engineered to withstand the turbulence of technological change.

We have field-tested capabilities to make sure your network meets modern security requirements. We conduct performance measures and audits to ensure that your network and installation sites conform to critical security guidelines. Furthermore, we can define a security architecture, develop an implementation and management strategy based on requirements for intrusion detection and action and supply advanced firewall.

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