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An Strategic planning sets out how e-business is expected to be deployed across an enterprise in the future. It describes how e-business will support the enterprise's mission, goals and e-business objectives, thereby, aligning IT with the business direction. An E-business Strategy considers the changes an enterprise is facing, both internally and externally, and the potential e-business opportunities available to it. E-business opportunities might include ways to use Internet technology to gain competitive advantage, to reduce cost, increase revenue, improve the efficiency of the value chain, etc. E-business opportunities are weighted against the strengths and weaknesses of the current environment - both technologically and organizationally - to determine what e-business strategy to pursue.

Eitech helps companies significantly increase the rate and quality of strategic planning within their businesses. We provide companies with a capacity for real-time, corporate-wide innovation that enables them to transform existing business models, invent new businesses and launch breakthrough products on a continual basis.

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