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Web development has historically been difficult, with few tools available initially to assist those who broke ground in unfamiliar territory. Over the past few years, new standards (particularly Java™ related), and the tools and deployment environments to support them, have begun to redefine how Web applications are built. As we move further into a world where cross-environment implementation is the expectation and content becomes "smart" in terms of its knowledge of its clients the process of developing Web applications will become more complex and challenging.

There is much planning required to build a successful web site that effectively
delivers your message and impacts your audience, and there can be many variables in the final cost involved. Using your input and the latest Internet technologies; Building a successful Web site, one that is both thoroughly usable and meets the business criteria of the client, takes forethought and meticulous planning. You must fully understand the business objectives of the project, as well as the users and tasks the system will support, before proceeding to develop the "how" the actual site architecture. Eitech's Information Architecture (IA) process bridges the gap between your business goals and your user's expectations.

Our Information Architects work with our business analysts to examine marketing data, ascertain key functionality, and create fully developed user profiles. Out of this thorough and collaborative fieldwork Eitech will design a site that meets the needs of your business. Our sites are designed to convey a professional image with a layout that is designed for ease of navigation.

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