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Is WLAN Right For You?
Levels of Wireless Networks
802.11b WLAN

Wireless is for everyone.
Whether your company is thinking of a wireless solution to network an entire campus or a select group of high-productivity workers within a wired organization, WLAN installations offers companies a way to improve their business operations and increase revenues. You can connect 802.11a and 802.11b products to the same wired network backbone. Since the two standards use different frequencies, you can put their access points near each other without interference.

When it's Time to Consider WLAN for Your Business

The information and resources available here can help you learn more about WLAN solutions for your company, if you are:

• Retrofitting an existing network
• Adding or expanding a secondary network
• Adding, moving, or changing employees to new locations
• Increasing mobility of part or all of your workforce
• Enhancing network performance
• Expanding business operations
• Upgrading or expanding current wireless hardware and/or software
• Investing in a cost-effective network

When it's Time to Consider 802.11a WLAN
You should consider an 802.11a WLAN when:

• The savings you gain through higher system performance is more important than initial system cost
• You need the bandwidth and speed to handle large graphics, audio, data, and video files
• You need greater network capacity than an 802.11b WLAN can give you
• You want your WLAN to match the speed of wired networks
• You will have many users per access point
• You want to replace your wired network with a wireless one

When it's Time to Consider 802.11b WLAN

You should consider an 802.11b WLAN when:

• Initial system cost is your main concern
• Data rates up to 11 Mbps are sufficient
• Your goal is global implementation
• You want to expand an existing 802.11b WLAN
• You need WLAN access for handheld PCs
• You will have a small number of users per access point
• You want to add limited pockets of WLAN to your existing wired LAN

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