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Benefits of Wireless Technology
You're in business. You know that it takes more than luck to keep pace in today's market. And, you know the decisions you make every day show up right on your bottom line. You require flexibility, agility, responsiveness-in short, the ability to move more quickly than your competitors and meet the needs of your customers. We think wireless networking could be a natural fit. Following are some key benefits of wireless networks:

• Increased Productivity: The ability of employees to be mobile, yet connected to enterprise resources, gives them the opportunity to work more efficiently.
• Flexible Work Environment: Wireless environments provide the employee flexibility to work in whatever surroundings are convenient to accomplish the task at hand
• Real-Time Access: The timely delivery of information without the need to be connected through a wired network is important to support business decision-making.
• Less Physical Maintenance: Since there are no physical cables to maintain, it is easy to conduct configuration and repair operations on devices and other network components. When supported by the right management solution, this can raise the productivity of your network administration staff.
• Fast Access to critical data: Wireless technologies offer high performance and bandwidth to keep all your essential applications and transactions running.
• It's responsive: As you change your business operations, your wireless network can change with you.
• It’s portable: With wireless, your entire network-along with your start-up investment-goes where you go, whether you move to a new location, open a branch office, or telecommute. The hardware that a wireless installation requires can be picked up and moved; the software easily configured for a new space or a new employee mix.
• It's customized: Your wireless network can be configured the way you want it-even combined with your current wired network.
• And it's cost effective: Wireless networks can be implemented gradually. Just install what you need, when you need it.

There are many situations today, in which wireless network are viable business solutions. For example:

  1. A network administrator is troubleshooting a problem at a remote site when a critical system at a separate location goes down. A simple, but immediate configuration change is required, and he can’t afford to wait, until he returns to his desk.
  2. A salesperson needs to connect to vital information on the company’s intranet from his PDA while waiting for a flight at an airport terminal.
  3. You are visiting a branch office and will be attending a series of different meetings during the day. You need to remain connected through email without having to log in and out with every room change.
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