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The term Ethernet refers to the family of local-area network (LAN) products covered by the IEEE 802.3 standard that defines what is commonly known as the CSMA/CD protocol. Three data rates are currently defined for operation over optical fiber and twisted-pair cables:

• 10 Mbps—10Base-T Ethernet
• 100 Mbps—Fast Ethernet
• 1000 Mbps—Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet has survived as the major LAN technology (it is currently used for approximately 85 percent of the world's LAN-connected PCs and workstations) because its protocol has the following characteristics:

• Is easy to understand, implement, manage, and maintain
• Allows low-cost network implementations
• Provides extensive topological flexibility for network installation
• Guarantees successful interconnection and operation of standards-compliant products, regardless of manufacturer

Over short distances, for instance, within a small geographic area such as a building, you can create a Local Area Network, which is called a LAN. It's called a local area network because we're connecting PCs in just one local location, an office building for example.

Building a computer network means opening a world of new opportunities for your business. It means flexibility, efficiency, and immediate access to information that will change the way you work, communicate and serve your customers.

Eitech helps Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprises be more productive and profitable by offering a complete portfolio of award-winning data networking products. The product line is an integrated family of hubs, switches, firewalls and routers. We offer products that are highly flexible and scalable solution that grows with you, delivering enterprise-class performance in an affordable, easy-to-use solution. Designed with the SMB customer in mind with applications appropriate for the large enterprise, Eitech product line is a wise investment today that ensures you're prepared for any need tomorrow.

Wireless LANs enable users to establish and maintain a wireless network connection throughout or between buildings without the limitations of wires or cables. At Eitech we are here to help your business select from a family of wireless LAN products that combine the mobility and flexibility users want from a wireless LAN product with the throughput and security they demand from a business LAN.

A network that connects a LAN to a LAN across a large geographic area such as city or country is called a Wide Area Network or WAN. A WAN can transmit information by telephone line, microwave, or satellite.

LANs and WANs are private networks. They interconnect people inside your organization.

Outside of LANs and WANs is the Internet - an enormous, public WAN. The Internet links PCs at universities, research centers, and companies across the globe.

As networks become more powerful and more businesses and homes become connected, the Internet serves as a contact point between your company, your suppliers, prospects, and customers.

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