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Power Protection
Information Assurance

The internet has changed all the rules and created a revolution in communication and business. As the distributed network has increased capabilities, it has also opened new vulnerabilities to the technology that makes business run at the speed of light. The reliability of corporations' computing infrastructures has become ever more critical, with the growth of e-commerce projects such as new customer interfaces, electronic supply-chain management, and online project collaboration with partners. The external visibility of such projects gives a high profile to any problems that occur. Moreover, corporations are rapidly adding computing systems to support their move to e-commerce, and most cannot continue to add administrators at the same rate because of cost restrictions and a limited pool of expertise. Corporate system administrators, therefore, must change how they manage and monitor their systems in order to keep pace with growth and meet their responsibilities.

At this age of big and complex networks, network monitoring applications need to use effective ways of checking the status of their networks so that network management applications can fully control their network and provide economical, and high-quality networking services to the users. It is very important to know what are the goals to achieve in network monitoring. There are generally five basic levels for network monitoring:

• Fault management
• Configuration management
• Accounting management
• Performance management
• Security management

Eitech integrates all five levels with suite of Network Management and Monitoring hardware and software application tools. We have teamed up with industry leaders such, HP, IBM, Fluke to provide complete and comprehensive solution to your network management and monitoring systems.

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