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Project Management
  Most companies today are struggling to bring projects to completion on time and under budget. They are frequently finding themselves behind schedule and over cost, jeopardizing both contracts and their reputations. Over a third of all system engineering projects are cancelled before completion with the most commonly cited reason that the project was not properly assessed and planned. Avoiding such problems takes work, effort and experience. Every aspect of the project must be budgeted for, monitored and managed. If 'out of scope' issues arise, they must be budgeted and submitted to management for additional approval or appropriate postponement.

Meeting the deadline and controlling the costs easily pays for the cost of a good project manager. We have found that most projects are reasonably planned but not properly managed. It is not the fault of the planning but rather the lack of relevant project management processes. An evaluation of the project management practices, communication, expertise, tools and policies that determine the client's ability to deliver projects on time, within budget and without surprises.

Eitech uses its IT Assessment framework to review a client's methodologies, procedures, reporting standards and communication processes. Determine business area relationships with the IT organization. Collect current project performance metrics. After the assessment is complete, Eitech identifies gaps between the client's environment and Eitech's Best Practices Model, and develops an action plan for enhancing the environment.
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