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  The IT landscape is changing dramatically. Sustaining business operation in fast paced market fueled by the need to employ the latest technology is the corporate most critical issue. Adaptive infrastructure, enterprise architecture and customer center responsiveness are vital to achieving the "corporate agility" you need to survive in today's market place. IT outsourcing may be the answer.

Contracting with a capable IT service partner is the choice for many companies today as they focus on the primary mission of their business delivering services or products not managing a complex, dynamic technical environment. Whether driven by the need to save money, staff retention issues, or an inability to keep up with technology, more and more companies are outsourcing their desktops, their help desks and often their entire IT operation. Costs to own a typical IT environment are growing. Industry studies point out that nearly 75% of these costs are associated with operating and maintaining the system. Skilled partners, utilizing industry best practices, can help you drive the costs down.

By outsourcing, Eitech's clients know they will keep pace with new technology more than keep pace, they can count on Eitech to alert them to the implications of advancing technology, showing them new uses in their specific businesses, their markets and industries. Eitech's Outsourcing Practice supports engagements that assume from the client the on-going operational responsibility of a particular set of functions, such as help desk, customer care center, application maintenance, production hosting and support, and network support. Our flexible outsourcing options range from processing and maintenance of a single application or line of business, to total information systems support and data center management.
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