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Power Protection

Hardware Solution
Safe, fast, remote network management is a necessity in today’s business environment. As devices continue to evolve into increasingly smarter network appliances, the relationship between power availability and network availability becomes even more critical. Network administrators must be able to control their entire infrastructure with absolute confidence. Network Management Cards provide full management of UPSs via multiple open standards like Telnet, HTTP, FTP, and SNMP. They are full-featured, robust power management products designed to work with Network Management Systems. Furthermore, the built in web interface and Email eliminate the necessity of an SNMP NMS bringing remote UPS management to everyone who needs it. Using the 10BaseT and 10/100BaseT Network Management Cards, you can monitor and configure your UPSs to shut down and reboot your computer systems, send Email alerts and view the event log. With a WAP enabled mobile phone you can check the status of most UPSs. The 10/100 Network Management card adds scheduling and data-logging along with a modular design for future features.

Software Solution
Real-time enterprise level management tool, enabling IT Managers to monitor, configure, and assess their entire APC power infrastructure from a single console
Departmental-level management software, enabling IT administrators to provide safe system shutdown and UPS management for servers and workstations

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